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TaxAnalysts article regarding poker tournament Re-Buys quoting Bob Grossman.

Las Vegas Review-Journal article addressing lack of lottery in Nevada and taxation of winning tickets purchased in California or Arizona. Sidebar by Derek N. Hatch

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Communique - Clark County Bar Association

Communique - Clark County Bar Association

Article Prepared for Nevada Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley

Communique - Clark County Bar Association

  • KXNT Interview of Bob Grossman on Professional Gamblers3:27

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Federal Courts Deal Gamblers Two Good Hands: Foreign Gamblers Win Big

IRS Must Calculate Gambling Winnings Consistently for Citizens and Foreigners, Court Holds Robert D. Grossman Jr quoted in Taxanalysts Tax Notes Today Article

IRS Lifts Appeal Deadline on Spouses of Tax Cheats After bipartisan pressure from Congress and tax advocates, the Internal Revenue Service last week gave so-called "innocent spouses" of suspected tax cheats a reprieve by lifting a two-year deadline in which they can seek relief.

Letter to the Editor of Communique' regarding the consequences of Cancellation of Indebtedness

What happens after you win that big award? Your client has been awarded substantial damages either by way of settlement or verdict from a contentious lawsuit. No more worries. Right? Wrong. The fun has just started..

Robert Grossman enjoys talking about a topic that many people run and hide from -- the Internal Revenue Service. His enthusiasm for changes in tax laws and keeping money in your pocket instead of turning it over to Uncle Sam is contagious....

“We can settle your federal tax debt with the IRS for just pennies on the dollar, guaranteed” Who amongst us has not heard or read the above solicitation or something all but identical? Even neophyte lawyers know that extravagant claims which appear just too good to be true often times are.....

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Las Vegas Review-Journal article addressing the difficulties marijuana dispensaries face when dealing with the IRS. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal article Equifax security breach:  Are you at risk for tax problems by the hack?  Las Vegas tax attorney Bob Grossman quoted in the article.

Las Vegas Review-Journal article Floyd Mayweather: Documents show the boxer owes IRS $22 Million.  Las Vegas tax attorney Bob Grossman quoted in the article.

Communique article of the effect divorce can have on filing of taxes, tax liability and possible relief of tax debt.

Communique June/July 2017 Family Law

Nevada Tax Law Changes for 2015:  Find out about the new Commerce Tax as well as changes to the Modified Business Tax, Live Entertainment Tax, Passenger Transportation Tax and more.

Nevada Business Magazine

Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Review Journal

Communique - Clark County Bar Association

Recent Changes in Federal Tax Law: Fresh Start Program and Offshore Disclosures

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Independent Contractor or Employee? IRS Will now settle EMPLOYMENT TAXES

United States Tax Courts Deals Gamblers a Good Hand

The Tax Aspects of Short Sales